Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita

In a continuing celebration of National Margarita Day, which this year fell auspiciously on "Twosday" 2-22-22, we bring you this spicy-cool concoction crafted by Drinkstagrammer @keto_karate_cocktails. It combines cucumber, jalapeño, citrus, elderflower, and salt in a way that hits all the flavor notes.

For a simpler version of this drink, you could mix the Jalapeño Citrus and Cucumber Lime Sage Mixicles cubes with just the tequila and elderflower liqueur. But incorporating the fresh cucumber, lime, and jalapeño, and adding a chili-lime salt rim to the glass, are totally worth the bit of extra effort! 


Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita


How to Mix:

Muddle the cucumber and jalapeño bits at the bottom of a shaker. Add all other ingredients (except for the Mixicles cubes) and shake to incorporate. Pour into a glass rimmed with chili-lime salt. Garnish with cucumber ribbons and jalapeño slices. Lastly, top with the Mixicles cubes and let your "Mixperience" begin.

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