Fireside Bourbon Cherry

Cocktails have a way of transporting you. One sip of a Fireside Bourbon Cherry and you're sitting by the hearth on a snowy evening, or gathered around a campfire with friends. All you need for this escape are Smoked Black Cherry Mixicles (available in our Distinctive Collection), a glass, and your bourbon of choice. 

Some bars and adventurous home bartenders impart smokiness to their cocktails using a smoking gun, a tool that enables you to infuse foods and drinks with smoky flavor. We wanted to find a way to achieve that effect without requiring fancy equipment, and we wanted to create a smoky Mixicles flavor that would unfold as the cube melts. 

Smoked Black Cherry Mixicles are imbued with natural liquid hickory smoke, a rich, slightly sweet essence that blends beautifully with black cherries and oranges. These cubes pair best with a high-proof bourbon and are perfect for sipping slowly. Should you find yourself with a bit of cube left in your glass at the end of your last sip, feel free to add more bourbon. It will warm you up from the inside out. Smoked Black Cherry Mixicles Cube



  • 1 Smoked Black Cherry Mixicles® cube
  • 1½ ounces bourbon

How to Mix:

Place the Mixicles® cube in a glass and top with the bourbon. Swirl, sip, and feel toasty.

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