Sage Wisdom

When we decided to start making Mixicles, one of the first flavors we came up with was Cucumber Lime Sage. It was inspired, like many others, from a drink Jen had and loved. She was at the (now-closed) Kaze in OTR when she spotted a gin and tonic accented with cucumber and sage on the cocktail menu. Soon Jason was tasked with coming up with a Mixicles cube to match that inspiration. 

Reading through recipes online and looking at additional drink menus, Jason made a game plan. Armed with an ingredient list, he decided not to go to the store and instead walked outside to the garden he enjoys planting each year. Fortunately, there were several cucumbers ready to harvest. Sage was also plentiful. (Limes had to come from the grocery store, however, because Cincinnati’s climate is not conducive to growing tropical fruits.) Here's a photo of some of Jason's bounty, along with a prototype of our Cucumber Lime Sage cube in a glass bearing our original logo:

This yard-to-glass Mixicles® recipe came together really well. The refreshing cucumber and bright lime notes are balanced by the earthiness of the sage. For us, this cube shines best as the foundation for a G&T, especially with Hendricks® gin and Fever-Tree® Elderflower Tonic Water. 

Cucumber Lime Sage is available for purchase in single-flavor packs of 12 cubes as well as in our Essential Collection.

Sage Wisdom


  • 2 Cucumber Lime Sage Mixicles® cubes
  • 2 ounces gin
  • Tonic water


    Place the Mixicles® cubes in a rocks glass and top with the gin. Swirl to get the flavor infusion going and to chill the gin. Then top with the tonic. Bottoms up!

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