Create Your Mixperience®

With Mixicles® you can easily craft your own extraordinary cocktails at home. Get creative! Try Mixicles® with different spirits, wine, or beer, or combine flavors to create something new. Because Mixicles® contain no alcohol, you can also enjoy them as the natural foundation for distinctive zero-proof drinks or nourishing smoothies. They’re even great on their own as ice pops (minus the stick). Be sure to check out our recipe blog for drink ideas!

how to mix

Simply add one ounce of your favorite spirit per Mixicles® cube and allow the flavors to infuse your drink. You can top your cocktail with sparkling wine, tonic, or soda water, or keep it simple. The choice is yours. As the frozen botanicals swirl into your drink, the flavors combine to chill your beverage and evolve over time to delight your senses. No watering down. Mixicles® are designed to be stirred, but if you prefer to shake, there are no rules. It’s impact without effort.

be party ready

Take your parties up a notch with Mixicles® by creating beautiful and delicious craft cocktails in minutes. There’s no need to be away from your guests; Mixicles® free you up from lengthy prep, so you can spend more time socializing and enjoying yourself.

Lavender Peach

some of our favorite pairings

*Watermelon Lime is a seasonal flavor available during select times of the year only.

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