The Rosette

We are huge fans of Molly Wellmann. She’s the best mixologist north of the Ohio River, west of the Pacific, east of the Atlantic . . . and an even more amazing person. Molly does not just mix drinks. She studies the history of drinks. She shares that history. She shares her time. She shares her smile. For those reasons and many more, she is often called upon for charity events, openings, and just about every other social occasion that merits a top-notch slinger of drinks.

Cincinnnati Music Hall, which originally opened in 1878, re-opened in October 2017 after extensive renovations. When you re-open, you have a big party. When you have a big party, you invite Molly Wellmann. 

For the re-opening, Molly created a drink named the Rose Window, inspired by the beautiful stained-glass window that is a fixture of Music Hall:

The cocktail is a play on a Cosmopolitan, with the addition of rose water and sparkling wine. Jen loved it at first sip. Wanting to re-create it at home, she reached out on Facebook and asked for the recipe. Molly being Molly, she gave it to her (along with some tips for not screwing it up). 

When we started coming up with our very first Mixicles flavors, the Rose Window was an inspiration. We studied the elements and then put our twist on them. For example, because Mixicles do not contain any alcohol, Jason crafted an orange simple syrup to use in lieu of Cointreau (a liqueur made from sweet and bitter orange peels). Some tastings, tweaking, and shared memories of trips to JC Penney later, Cranberry Rose Mixicles were born. 

Cranberry Rose is available in single-flavor packs of 12 cubes and can also be found in the Floral Collection.

The Rosette


How to Mix:

Place the Mixicles® cube in a champagne flute or coupe glass. Add the vodka and then top with sparkling wine. Pinky up!

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