the cubes

Cucumber Lime Sage

Refreshing cucumber and lime balanced with earthy sage. This blend sips perfectly with gin and tonic water. Also great with vodka, tequila, or rum.

Blueberry Lemon Basil

Fresh blueberries and lemon with notes of herbaceous basil. Delicious with vodka, sparkling wine, or a mix of both. Pairs well with bourbon or gin, too.

Jalapeño Citrus

Bright citrus fruit and pineapple accented with piquant peppers. Savor with tequila, gin, or vodka, or with a dry sparkling or white wine.

Cranberry Rose

Tart cranberry with hints of rose water and orange zest. Add vodka and lace with sparkling wine, or try it with gin and tonic water. Also delightful with bourbon.

Elderflower Lemon Mint

An exquisite blend of elderflower and mint with a twist of lemon. Mix with gin, vodka, or bourbon, or enjoy in sparkling wine.

Lavender Peach

Fragrant lavender and succulent peach highlighted by lemon and ginger. Sip with vodka and sparkling wine, with gin and tonic water, or in a whiskey sour.

Orange Blossom Pomegranate

An exotic fusion of passion fruit, pomegranate, apple, and orange blossom essence. Relish with bourbon, vodka, or rum.

Blackberry Lemon Thyme

Juicy blackberries accentuated by aromatic thyme and zesty lemon. Pairs beautifully with bourbon, vodka, or gin, or in red or sparkling wine.

Smoked Black Cherry

Sweet black cherries infused with natural hickory. Enjoy with rum or a hearty bourbon, ideally gathered around the hearth with friends.

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