Blueberry Lemon Daiquiri

Put aside any notions of sugary adult slushies. This classic rum sour drink is light, refreshing, and simply sublime.

French 75.1

Ring in the New Year with this spin on a classic.

Holiday "Knockout Punch"

Mix it up with Mixicles this holiday season.

The Avenue

Easily re-create The Avenue, a classic cocktail from the 1930s.

Cranberry Rose Gin Toddy

The perfect post-dinner sipper.

Sparkling Jalapeñorita

Spicy and seductive.

CBD Spritzers

Cocktails + CBD = Chillaxin

Brrrrrbon Hot Cider

A boozy hot cider for chilly fall days.

Smoked Cherry Collins

A smoky, fruity spin on a Collins.

Red, White & Blue Vodka Sour

Red (wine), (egg) white, and blue(berries) combine with vodka, basil, and lemon to make this summery sour.

Summer Sangria

Crisp and refreshing, white sangria is ideal for hot and humid summer days.
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