A New Kind of Mixer

Mixicles® botanically infused, nonalcoholic ice cubes harness the essence of herbs, fruits, and flowers to naturally flavor and chill beverages. Simply add a cube or two to your drink of choice, give it a stir or a shake, and enjoy as the botanicals unfold and infuse your drink. No prep. No fuss. No mess.

Mixicles® offer an innovative and convenient solution for crafting distinctive beverages without the hassle and expense of sourcing, prepping, and measuring all the individual ingredients. Plus, unlike conventional bottled mixers, Mixicles® cubes keep their fresh flavors in your freezer for 18+ months, so you can use them as you need them. Say hello to bar-quality drinks on demand!

Explore our range of botanical blends and unlock a world of flavor possibilities. Craft consistently delicious drinks with ease, impress your guests, and savor every sip. Mixicles® — where taste meets innovation.

a shortcut that doesn't shortchange

Mixicles® cubes are the building blocks for totally customizable beverage experiences. These juice-based ice cubes contain all the ingredients you need for delicious mixed drinks, minus the alcohol — and minus the artificial ingredients and preservatives found in traditional mixers. With less than 25 calories per cube, Mixicles® are a healthier alternative to sugary cocktail syrups. And since there's no alcohol in Mixicles® cubes, you can use them to create fun, flavorful beverages suitable for the whole family.

When it comes to making mixed drinks at home, “easy” and “excellent” don't usually go together. Mixicles® are here to change that.

do good, feel good

We're committed to quality and sustainability while delivering an exceptional beverage experience. Mixicles® are crafted with only natural ingredients, so you can feel good about what you're drinking.

Lavender Peach Mixicles in Champagne flutes

revolutionize drink making

Crafting delicious drinks with Mixicles® couldn't be easier. Just drop a cube or two into your glass, add your preferred beverage, and let the magic unfold — no bartending expertise or fancy tools necessary. As the Mixicles® cubes melt, they release an infusion of aromatic botanical notes while simultaneously chilling your beverage without watering it down. Whether you're mixing a craft cocktail, making a refreshing mocktail, blending a nourishing smoothie, or experimenting with your own signature creation, our ice-cube mixers will elevate your beverage experience to new heights.

entertain effortlessly

Take your parties up a notch! Mixicles® free you up from lengthy drink prep (and tedious clean-up) so you can spend more time socializing and enjoying yourself.

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