Nearly every month on the calendar has a day or two dedicated to a particular cocktail, but there is only one National Cocktail Day, and it's today!

Since choosing a favorite cocktail would feel a bit too much like choosing a favorite child (a widely recognized no-no), we decided to celebrate today with a mashup. This complex sipper is part spicy mojito, part gin & tonic, and part [city that shall not be named] mule. 

It really makes a difference to start by muddling some mint leaves in the bottom of your glass, so don't skip that part! If you want to tone down the spiciness level a bit, you can leave out the second Mixicles cube. But we love how it keeps adding flavor and balance as it melts.

Jalapeño Citrus Mixicles are available online in a single-flavor pack. You can also find them in our Essential Collection.

Happy drinking! 

Jalapeño Citrus Mixicles Cube being placed in glass



  • 2 Jalapeño Citrus Mixicles® cubes
  • 2 oz. gin
  • Ginger beer
  • Fresh mint
  • 2 lime wedges

How to Mix:

Muddle 8 to 10 mint leaves and one Jalapeño Citrus Mixicles® cube in the bottom of a rocks glass. Add the gin and some crushed ice. Top with ginger beer. Squeeze one lime wedge into the glass and stir. Add one more Jalapeño Citrus cube and garnish with the remaining lime wedge and a sprig of mint.

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