The Etta

One of the driving reasons for creating Mixicles was to enable anyone and everyone to craft cocktails quickly, consistently, and economically. Mixicles are not only great for home use, but also for weddings and other events where limited ingredients, equipment, and trained bar staff can result in drinks that are all over the place in terms of flavor and potency.

In early 2020, when people could still gather in large numbers, we were asked by a bride and groom to help craft specialty cocktails for their wedding. Working with the couple and their graphic designer, we came up with a menu of Mixicles-based drinks named after their three adorable pets:

While all the drinks were popular with the wedding guests, The Etta was the star of the night. Like the golden retriever-corgi mix who inspired the beverage, The Etta is approachable and easy to love. Just look at this face:

Blueberry Lemon Basil was one of the first Mixicles flavors we created. Its tartness and color really pop in a vodka soda, and it was the perfect drink for an early spring wedding.

We love working with people to design cocktails for celebrations and special events — whether it's matching a color scheme (like we did with Sparkling IVy), or combining two Mixicles flavors (as in The J+J) to honor lives being joined together. In the latter case, think of it like a unity candle . . . only much more fun.

You can find Blueberry Lemon Basil in the Essential Collection.

The Etta


  • 2 Blueberry Lemon Basil Mixicles® cubes
  • 2 oz. vodka
  • ½ oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Club soda

How to Mix:

Place the Mixicles® cubes in a glass, add the vodka and lemon juice, and then top with chilled club soda. Stir and garnish with fresh basil or a lemon wedge.

Photographs in this post courtesy of Meagan Myers, used with permission

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